No User Manual

One father of a very severe child recently told us at an ABR Assessment: “This child does not come with a “user manual”.

This is something we hear from many parents and many families. Even though countless “healthy” children today also come with their own special difficulties and challenges, the challenges that the parents of special needs children meet with every day and night are enormous. How could any parent expect to be able to meet with these challenges in the most optimal way?

At the same time the children take ones entire strength – often day and night. We see parents who come to courses – where the father simply falls asleep exhausted whilst the mother learns ABR Techniques and Methods! How could any parent be expected to be able to do all the extra research and achieve the high level of understanding needed for gaining the optimal outcomes for these children, if they do not even have the strength to stay awake due to long nights of troubles and anxieties? How can they be expected to learn more about their children and their children’s needs if the child has multiple seizures each and every day?

This is where ABR can offer something that no other training method can offer. We at ABR know your troubles from the inside out. All ABR centers are directed and also partially staffed by the parents of Special Needs Individuals. These are all people with the life experience on top of the professional experience to be able to assist parents with choosing the best priorities for boosting the child’s development.

We know that a family cannot thrive if the child does not sleep at night. We know that a child who throws up 20 times a day and more cannot thrive, until this issue is cleared up, Reflux, constipation, respiration difficulties – these need to be prioritized above motor skill development!

Then further ABR has shown conclusively, that if one concentrates on the basic life functions, the motor skill development will start to come on its own. The child will have more resources, the family will have more to give and more strength for maintaining the family coherence! A special needs child does not live in a vacuum. It is even more dependent upon the strength of the family than any other child!

Do not underestimate what working from the bottom following the protocols that ABR Methods can bring; what all these small life change gains can bring to the family and then by way of the strengthened and empowered parents – to the children and special needs individuals – boosting their lives, day by day – bringing improvements, little by little!


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